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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Working with Leading PA

  • You have 3-5 years to reopen any past claims where you feel you were not sufficiently compensated.

  • Making a claim will not increase your premium.Your insurance carrier will not drop you for making a claim.

  • There is no charge for our services until we get you paid for your losses.


What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

A Public Insurance Adjuster (PA) is a licensed professional who works exclusively for YOU - the insured/policy-holder - at the time of loss.

We assess your damages, prepare a comprehensive claim, which we present to the insurance company's representative on your behalf and negotiate the best possible settlement for you.


Why Hire a Public Insurance Adjuster?

You deserve the same experienced and skilled professional representation as your insurance company.

A Public Adjuster will provide to you extensive knowledge and technical expertise necessary to effectively deal with your insurance carrier relative to all aspects of your claim.

This includes: determining your policy coverage, to make sure you claim all that you are entitled to under your policy; we fully document your claim and present it to the insurance company for their consideration, and negotiate with them to obtain for you the best possible settlement.


When Should I Call a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster should be contacted immediately following a loss. We will promptly arrange to meet with you to view the loss, review your insurance coverages, coordinate any necessary emergency services, and discuss with you the details of your claim.


What Types of Losses Does a Public Adjuster Handle?

A Public Adjuster is capable of handling many types of insurance claims for damages to your building and/or personal property, in both residential and commercial settings.

Some examples are: fire losses; water damage - from frozen / broken pipes; hurricane and other wind-related damages; smoke damage caused by furnace malfunction; vandalism damage, vehicle contact with building damage, loss by collapse and theft, as well as many other types of covered losses.

We also handle business interruption claims, loss of rental income claims, extra expense claims and additional living expense claims.


How and When is a Public Adjuster Paid?

We charge a small percentage of the net settlement of your claim, which is established at the very beginning of the adjustment process and agreed to by you. We are paid once your claim is settled and you receive your insurance proceeds.

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